A Guide to Creating a Facebook Selling Page

Facebook Selling Page

There are various methods to sell your products or services on Facebook, on a business or a personal level. Personally selling your products through various private groups is something that is quite common nowadays. However, creating a profile on a business page is the primary way to sell on Facebook.

If you wish to sell through Facebook Marketplace, you only need to have a personal account as it is for local classifieds. Anyone can view or contact you (to inquire about the product/service you’re providing), regardless of the fact that you’re friends with him/her on Facebook or not. When you sign in, you need to click on the option of Marketplace, then click on the option to ‘sell something’. Instructions are provided in order to move ahead.

For personal use, there are various methods to finding value and selling on a private group that is authentic. Facebook consists of many private groups which are used by people to market and sell their products.

Facebook Store

A good method is to create a Facebook page with your brand name and invite people to follow the page. You can sell your products there and market about the page and your products on various other social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat etc. This will attract more people towards your page and hence, can result in an increase in sales.

In order to promote your page, you can run advertisements which as a result, will drive leads and sales. The ability of adding directly to your business shop, the products that you need to sell, is an added advantage.

Furthermore, with the Facebook Shop app, you can integrate with ecommerce platforms like Shopify. Your profile will automatically be populated if you integrate it with this ecommerce platform.

A major reason why Facebook is considered to be a platform you cannot miss, is the amount of traffic there. Research proves that millions of users spend most of their time on social platforms like Facebook. Many online businesses have been successful through selling on Facebook.  There are endless opportunities present for your business, you can promote your service/product through Facebook Ads, and you can find potential customers and make sure you reach them. Your potential customers can contact you on Facebook as well. Lastly, when you’re selling on Facebook, content marketing plays a major role. Businesses usually come up with blogs etc. in order to promote their products and reach out to potential customers.