Facebook and Shopify – Your way to a 6 figure income

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It really isn’t difficult to sell your products on Facebook. Although it might sound overwhelming but using and integrating the right tools to your online business on Facebook will make things reliable and easy for you on your online selling journey. This article will be your wholesome guide to making a 6 figure income through Facebook. We’ll discuss and explore the options you need to set up your Facebook business.

First things first, you need to create your Facebook business page. That’ll give your product exposure to Facebook’s massive audience right from your Facebook page. After that, you’ll need a way to accept orders and payments and list your products on Facebook. For this there are many e-commerce platforms available that set up your online shop for you, Shopify being arguably the best one.

Having an e-commerce platform is necessary as it transfers your selling duties and responsibilities elsewhere so you can focus on the main thing, on your product. It helps you save time and reduces the hassle while also increasing your workflow efficiency and convenience.

Shopify offers you multiple services at a minimal cost and it allows you to sell on other online marketplaces, social media sites, and blogs. A multichannel seller is vital if you want to earn a 6 figure income and Shopify provides you with that. It is also best to have various streams of income as this will allow diversification and more cash inflows.

Some tools are necessary for the growth of your online business as they help you monitor and keep track of the direction your business is headed towards. By downloading Facebooks tracking pixel in Shopify you’ll be able to retarget users who have taken certain actions on your site or have visited certain pages. It also shows you how many clicks turned into conversions.

Next, you need to sync a Facebook shop with your store. Shopify is the best for this purpose. It allows you to sell directly on Facebook and inventory on Facebook is updated automatically when it’s updated on Shopify. You can use Shopify’s Facebook app since it’s free. Users can check out on Shopify and those paying in USD can check out on Facebook.

Facebooks dynamic and allows you to display Facebook ads to those who have been searching the exact same product on your site and it helps you with personalized retargeting campaigns.

Finally, it is important to feature some user-generated content in your store as it keeps engagement and helps you sell more. It’s the key to gain your customer’s trust.

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